Aces High
Some attributes
Name Aces High
Owner @ChumpChange
Type Unicorn
Gender Stallion
Age 20
Cutiemark 8-Ball and Playing Cards

Aces, or "Ace" is a 20 year-old Unicorn hailing from Dodge Junction, currently living in Ponyville. His cutie mark resembles a 8-ball from the game of "Pool" along with a few playing cards. His special talent was found to be that he was extremely lucky when it came to tests of skill or luck, which led to him having a gambling problem. He's typically a fair-minded pony, but when it comes to turning a profit, his eyes are on the prize.  

Early LifeEdit

He was raised in an old saloon in Dodge Junction by the barkeeper, who gave him cider and food in exchange for services around the bar. As a filly, he was taught to keep himself busy by dealing for the Saloon's cardgames, enabling him to be an expert at Poker Hands, and pretty much anything involving cards. He also would take orders and clean tables, occassionally earning him extra bits. He enjoyed having the extra money, and he decided that gambling would be the best way to turn a profit. After winning a Poker Tournament at the age of 10 in a brief visit to Las Pegasus, he earned himself a cutie mark, and a fair amount of bits, thus allowing him to become what he is today. He even did a brief stint as part of a small "stick-up" crew, robbing businesses around Equestria. His horn broke in a job gone wrong, and his horn now only glows when there is an oppurtunity turn a profit, rather than when it's safe to place a bet. He gave up crime forever, sticking to gambling.


Ace's Cutie mark.


He currently lives in a shabby apartment in western Ponyville, occasionally paying visits to his friends in Dodge Junction. He works a part-time job at Sugar-Cube corner, and when he's not working, he'll either be gambling or hanging out with friends. He's typically a nice guy, but he'd throw anypony under the bus for a little extra money. Unless it's someone he knows rather well, his eyes will ususally be focused on turning a profit. His horn malfunctions at times, but usually helps him throughout his everyday problems.