Some attributes
Name Campfire
Owner Unknown
Type Pegasus
Gender Male
Age ...
Cutiemark A campfire


Campfire is a strange pony, who always has a way of finding his way into trouble. He loves music more than anypony he knows, and prefers to either hang out with Skysound or Starslash. But now, he usually likes to play in solitude. Most ponies don't like him because of his strong german accent he picked up from his real parents.



Campfire grew up in a small farm in the middle of nowhere. At the age of five, mercs had burst into his house, tied up his parents, and burnt his house to the ground. Luckily, the small colt was able to hide and escape, but had to watch and hear his parents die in the smoldering house. After the house had finished burning, Campfire trotted out his way to a town called Ponyville, going on many adventures on the  way. He had eventually reached his destination at the age of thirteen.

Reasons for staying Edit

One day, Camp was chilling at the pond, grieving his loss. when a pony came up to him and asked him to pull a prank on the mare (called Night Shade) nearby. He tried pulling off the prank, but couldn't. He then laid on the ground, and began to cry. Luckily, the mare had forgiven him, and had adopted the orphaned Campfire now they live happily together as a family.

The FadeEdit

A while ago, Skysound, General Valkarie and James Copper decided to save their friend Felidae, so Camp tagged along by running into the portal while nopony was looking. After a while, they managed to find Felidae but she refused to leave, and everypony went back home except for Camp who they had forgot about. So now Campfire is trapped in the Fade with Felidae, who he loves, but doesn't have any courage to confess his feelings to her.

Relationships and Friendships


  • Night Shade: Campfire's mother who adopted her.
  • Gen Valkaryie: Camp's father who he hates.


  • Felidae: Campfire has a secret crush on her. Only his true friends know about his crush.


  • Skysound: One of Camp's best friends.
  • Starslash: Camp's friend.


  • None?


None :3