A 16 yr-old Earth Pony from Manehatten. He grew up working with his parents at a convenience store. Whilst working, he picked up a fancy for energy drinks. After consuming too many cans of "PAIN-BOW", he ended up with a chemical-induced, glowing, Mane. The effect is merely aesthetic, and causes him no harm, although it occasionally shocks people who touch it. He's calmed down nowadays, but when he does happen to get a hold of an energy drink, he goes into a super-charged sugar-rush. His mane will glow brightly and his pupils will shrink... then he starts talking in clumped, quick, sentences. However, this effect will give him an almost obscene, speed boost, allowing him to run very fast. When not in a sugar trance, he usually remains calm. His favorite passtimes include hitting on women, shocking people with his mane, or taking a nap.

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Appearance Edit

His mane is actually a soft, bright green, but the radiation effects have turned it a pale white color, but it still continues to radiate green light. He is still a young pony, and can be a bit naive at times. He is a good deal taller than any filly, but still not tall enough to be a Stallion. His skin is a dull, ocean blue, with a Radioactive Symbol for a cutie mark.

Skills Edit

When not on a Sugar Rush, he knows how to operate a wide variety of vehicles. He is also good with electronics, being able to bend them to his will. When under the influence of Energy Drinks, he becomes more observant, being able to scan everything within his eyesight within seconds. His mane can also be used as a live battery.

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