Zeke Shadowtalon- Drawn by Bluepaddleboat


Zeke was orphaned when he was young, during his time living in the orphanage, he was selected to become a part of a secret experiment, which aimed to create nanobots, for the good of pony kind, however, when the nanobots were injected into his blood stream, the untested effects of the nanobots gave him the ability to fuse with and control metal and electronics. Because it was when he was so young, he doesn't even remember this tragic experience and has no idea of the power he holds. More recently he joined a band of mercenaries where he, at one point, forced his friend to take part in a mission where said friend was killed in action. After that, riddled with guilt, he left the mercenary company and has since forged new paths for himself on the continent of Equestria.

To be continued...Edit

More will be added later .... Probably.