The Germane Equestria war was an rp that occurred between Equestria and Germaney. The battle was contributed by the Germane army and the Canterlot defense. In the end, Germaney won the war. But it doesn't mean that another war wouldn't start up.

The Cause Edit

The war began when the fuhrer of Germaney wanted a larger area of land,the fuhrer decided Equestria would be good for taking, seeing if Equestria fell other nations would to. A messenger was sent to Canterlot castle to ask the surrender of the two sisters. They refused and once word got back to the germane command the war began.

The War Edit

Once the Germane command heard that the sisters refused, Canterlot was bombed as the Panzers converged on Ponyville, the Germane forces lead by Ludwig Von Sturm Anstieg. Before the town was captured Ludwig sent Sweetie Spy behind enemy lines to sabotage guard post and cripple the canterlot defense with Thermite charges. Once the damage was done the sisters put up a shield that lead to the siege of canterlot.

Germane armyEdit

Ludwig Von Sturm Anstieg

Sweetie spy (EngiBloom) 


Miss Solar

Miss Lulu

Prince Silver shadow