Golden Sweet Pro Pic

Golden Sweet visiting her cousins at Sweet Apple Acres.

Golden Sweet is a earth pony with a yellowish coat. She has light yellow and light pink hair and a peach ribbon her mother sewed for her.


Golden Sweet is a very optimistic pony, she always looks on the bright side if things and usually puts other ponies before herself. She tends to be a bit selfish at times, and she is very protective of her little bother Autumn Gold. She's the closest thing he has to a mother since their mother died. There father is still alive and works as a farmer. She gets easily attached to ponies and she is very dramatic. Golden Sweet is quite pugnacious when it comes to ponies that annoy her, or ponies she dislikes.

The Demon King and Luna's ProtectorEdit

While visiting Ponyville Goldensweet overheared two stallions, one an Alicorn and on a Pegasus, and the Alicorn was confessing his love for Luna. Golden Sweet barged in the conversation and notices that the Alicorn was rather good looking. Thay then told about themsekves. Lunar Fire, or Luna's Protector, harvested Nightmare Moon's spirit inside so it won't infect her. The pegasus was King of Demons and lacked the emotion of fear. Later in the conversation Lunar Fire flirted with Golden Sweet and got irritated. Golden Sweet then proceeded to slap Lunar Fire. He then called her weak, which made her angry, and she gave him the nickname Casanova. They then argued and she accidentley mentioned that she thought Lunar Fire was cute. She then asked him if he wanted to be her SSP and he answered yes. He then walked her home and flew away as she trotted inside.


Remix Musicheart: A pegasus stallion who is also a DJ. They met in Ponyville and Remix took her out to dinner.

Dust: A retuarant owner who also does catering

Lunar Fire: Her SSP, Luna's Protector

Rorek: King of the Demons.


Golden Sweet dreams of becoming a Nurse.

Golden Sweet is curentley in training with Nurse Redheart to become a nurse.

Golden Sweet overuses the word "mighty" and the phrase "mighty fine"

Golden Sweet calls her SSP Casanova