Ice Flare
Ice Flare, when he was 20, as well as a pony.
Some attributes
Name Ice Flare
Owner @Kurloz
Type Pegasus
Gender Male
Age 20 (When he was a pony.)

37 (Current)

Cutiemark Snowflake

Ice Flare, is a wolf. He is the king of Demiceia, a kingdom very far north from Ponyville. He was formerly a pony, until he was changed into several different animals.



Ice Flare's real name was Clark McCard. He grew up with his brother, Felix McRaven and his sister, Frost. They lived with their mother and father in Demiceia. His father was abusive, and Ice Flare could not take it. He even had his eye taken out.Something throughout all of this brought him to discover a book. After practicing the magic it had brought him, he destroyed his house, killing both his mother and father. He and Frost thought that Felix had been crushed under the house, and attempted to flee. Soon, the guards arrived. When they tried to arrest the two, Ice Flare mustered the magic that he could, killing the guards and destroying Demiceia.


Ice Flare has had many different appearances, which alters his personality a bit.

Pony: Ice Flare had a thing for scarves, and he wasn't really like his current state. 

Wolf (1st Wolf form): 


In his current state, Ice possesses the following abilities.

Enhanced Strength: Ice Flare has possessed quite the strength, able to lift up a very heavy cat.