Jayfeather/Jayfeathr (usually known as just 'Jay') is, to put it simply, the magical equivalent of a blind, magical psychic cat (third folder), although this is not referred to much. (although he often has cat-like body language

He has a couple abilities but is otherwise a very weak unicorn, most notably being able to sense emotions (sometimes thoughts) and to enter dreams. He doesn't usually mention this to strangers, so it's a bit of a 'secret'.

Generally a good pony (notably, very determined and will go out of his way to help ponies), but can be snarky and selfish at times. Dislikes water, destiny, and (esecially) references to his blindness. Other than with Skysound (whom he has one-sided feelings towards) he avoids romance, even avoiding her to some extent.

Proficient herbal medic.

Note- Owner is a lurker, not RPed all that much.