Jeff Faust
Some attributes
Name Jeff Faust
Owner GenTheBen
Type Unicorn
Gender Male
Age 27
Cutiemark Magnifying Glass with Moon

Jeff is a stallion who inherits the Faust name... He is a unicorn who barely uses his magic for anything. But not because he chooses not to, but because he is cursed by lycanthropy (werewolfism). He is generally a smug, witty, kind stallion. However, when in the face of danger, he either becomes sarcastic or a grim due to the situation.


Jeff Faust, a lone stallion who was seperated from the family (a family that conducted experiments in violent and brutal ways to gain knowledge), had recently reformed as the infamous killer, "The Murderer Of Ponyville"... Deciding to make his life turn for the better, he takes a peaceful and sceneful job as a caravan transporter... However, one horrific night the worst had came to exist as Jeff was attacked by a werewolf after transporting goods through the Everfree Forest. Left scarred on his left eye, defenseless, and alone, Jeff had escaped inside to the Everfree Forest in order to tame himself from his newly found curse... Years later, Jeff had finally came out of his shell known as Everfree, and back to the real world as Ponyville.