Lone Wolf
Some attributes
Name Lone Wolf
Owner XenionVagabond
Type Pegasus
Gender Male
Age Aproximated 23
Cutiemark Head of a Canus Lupus imposed on a half moon
Lone Wolf as he refers to himself is an average Mercenary of sorts, but finds himself to be much more loyal to his contractors should they be doing good. However, in the past he has been found on the "wrong" side of morality in his contracts.


He is taller than many ponies, and also a bit more buff due to a rigorous training regiment he maintains (Note: He never skips leg day, never, skip leg day.) Refer to picture for Coat and Mane styling and color.


The stallion can swing to either side of the spectrum. While on duty he can be seen as cold, caculating, and brutally efficient need be. However in his civilian time he's often seen smiling, joking, happy, or with his Special Somepony; (Not currently on Wiki.) loving and caring.


As a mercenary, he is quite often bought and sold to whichever company, private source, or militia wishes to use his services, but he is currently on full-time contracting and operations with EAST (Equestrian Advancements in Scientific Technology) which has expanded into a full-on scientific regime.