Ludwig Von Sturm Anstieg
Some attributes
Name Ludwig Von Sturm Anstieg
Owner ludwigvonsturm
Type Earth Pony
Gender Male
Age 27
Cutiemark Iron Cross with an edelweiss over it

Birthplace: Waldbachburg, Germaney.

Occupation: Soldier of the 179th Mountain Division.

Rank (Current): Lieutenant.

Skills: Knowledge of battle strategy, sharpshooter, fluent in operations of multiple vehicles and weapons.

Preferred Weapon: Kar98k W/ bayonet.

Languages: Fluent in English and Germane.

Backstory: Ludwig was born in Marenich, Germaney. He was born into the Von Sturm family who've had a long history in the Germane military. At age seven, he joined the Hoofler youth group. At this time he was proud to be a Germane citizen and when the war broke out he took his chance to serve. At age fourteen, he lied about his age and followed tradition, joining the same division as his father, The 179th Mountain Division, and since then Ludwig has been serving in the 179th proudly. He's earned the rank of lieutenant, his cutie mark, and an Iron Cross when serving. He is well respected by his brothers in arms, leading them into battle, sometimes while waiting he sings a song to raise morale, and after every battle he sings Ich hatt' einen Kameraden (a germane funeral song) to show respect for his fallen comrades. Ludwig is usually seen in mountain towns, and is currently in the mountain town of Hoofbachwald.