Ponyville Roleplay
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Name Ponyville Roleplay
Owner Unknown
Created January 27, 2013
Link Tag /pr
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User RulesEdit

  1. Have fun, that's the #1 Rule.
  2. Remember to use OoC (//) when you're not roleplaying.
  3. Respect and treat others kindly, especially the Moderators.
  4. It's preferred, but not enforced, that you use characters based from the show.
  5. Listen to Moderators.
  6. Do not be overpowered.
  7. Limited swearing.
  8. Keep drama to minimum.
  9. Ask permission before linking a cloud.
  10. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.
  11. Trolling will not be tolerated.
  12. No spamming.
  13. No ERP/NSFW content.
  14. (See Addendum 1.)
  15. Most of all, love and tolerate.

Moderator RuleEdit

  1. Abide to all rules above.
  2. Listen to your fellow moderators. Work together on a solution.

Owner RulesEdit

  1. Abide to all rules above.
  2. NEVER demote Elhuracan. (Founder of Ponyville Roleplay)
  3. Never change the admin account's @username to anything other than @zeulclarice

Additonal PolicyEdit

Ban evasion: Ban evasion charge for a light offence is 1 week. Ban evasion that occurs more than twice is 1 month. All further attempts, or ban evasion for large/blatant offences result in 1 year bans.


1) Irrelevant unproductive outbursts: If you enter the cloud and proceed to do nothing but blatantly state useless 'banter', you can and probably will be asked to leave if you have nothing to contribute.


Admin Username Contact
RF @Zeulclarice -
Moderators Username Contact
Tales Afternoon
Twilight Sparkle
Skype-icon aruna_aoitenshi
Cobalt The Unicorn @uncle_pancho Skype-icon uncle_pancho
Reetah Faust @Theonetheycallhope Skype-icon crazyhalogirl1293
Synthesis @DoctorSynthesis -
Hypnote Hooves @Beyonce Gmail-icon
Skype-icon beckorama21
Darklight Fire
Fire Ash
@DarklightOfficial Skype-icon that_bro
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  • Reetah Faust, username @Theonetheycallhope skyip contact, Crazyhalogirl293