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Name Roleplay Only
Owner @thederptor
Created September 15, 2012
Link Tag /rpo
Contacts Discord Matthew#2619 Skype-icon itsderptor

Roleplay Only (RPO) is one of the several roleplay clouds associated to this wikia. It was made in September 2012, by the user "@thederptor". The cloud, of course, was primarily focused on roleplay when it was made and it is still one of the most popular clouds on the site.

The cloud is famous (or infamous) for having one of the most convoluted and insane running RPs out of any public cloud. This RP includes things such as time travel, world ending video games, multiple realities, multiple timelines, angels, demons, vampires, science, tree ponies, and magic boxes.

Rules Edit

User RulesEdit

  1. No spamming. Spammers will be permabanned instantly, no remorse.
  2. The "Roleplay Only" thing isn't taken literally, so yes. You can come in here to chat if you want to, but roleplay is the main purpose of the cloud.
  3. If you want to talk oocly,  YOU NEED TO use brackets or //.
  4. OOC means "Out of Character" which basically differentiates from when your character is talking, and when you are talking. In character, or "IC" is when your character in RP is talking.
  5. Keep links at a minimum.
  6. English, please!
  7. No advertising.
  8. Moderators are not above you. Feel free to contact the owner on Skype (itsderptor) if you feel as if your ban is unjust.
  9. No sexual content.
  10. Grimdark is now allowed.
  11. Don't be OP while in an RP.
  12. It is suggested (but not enforced) that your OC is MLP:FIM based.
  13. No inappropriate names. This includes profile pictures.
  14. No Racist/Homophobic remarks. Do not spam the bots.
  15. Not reading the rules is not an excuse to be caught breaking them.
  16. If necessary, you can use quotes to indicate that your player is talking to make narrating much easier. Not much of a rule, more of a suggestion.
  17. Religion is okay! All hail the Gatherer!
  18. You cannot ask a mod permission to post a cloud. Cloud linking is not allowed.
  19. Don't ask for modship.
  20. Don't be a rule lawyer. Trying to find loopholes through our rules is not okay.
  21. The words 'rape', 'rapist', 'raped', and/or anything implying such acts posted in the OOC channel (or IC, depends on the situation) will be an instant ban. It can be triggering to some people, and it is not to be joked about.
  22. Remember to have fun!

Moderator RulesEdit

  1. Do not break any of the above rules.
  2. Warnings are not necessary.
  3. Ask the head admin about anything you are not sure about.
  4. Do not act like you have power.
  5. If somebody says that somebody broke a rule, do not ban them on sight. The person who is accusing the person of breaking said rule needs evidence such as screenshots or witnesses.


Admin Username Contact
Matthew @thederptor Discord Matthew#2619 Skype-icon itsderptor
Moderators Username Contact
Silver @ Skype-icon
Caitlyn @LovelyLoviesBows Skype-icon lovelysnickerdoodlesporkbow
Arty @N0vaR1ng Skype-icon n0var1ng
Snipewing @Snipewingelite Skype-icon snipewing
Fec @fecfeverman Skype-icon fecfeverman
Jose @ Skype-icon