Source roleplay is a Roleplay cloud made by @engibloom

This cloud is mainly designed for Source roleplays, but can host other roleplays too. The cloud isn't very popular yet so if you like source roleplays, than suggest you join.


Welcome to Source engine  Before doing anything, read these rules so you don't get banned for not knowing them. 1. OOC is love, OOC is life.

2. It's preferred that we keep hoomans to a minimum.

3. You can post clouds but don't spam it. 

4. Listen to moderators. 

5. Try to be nice and don't go over the top. 6. It's preferred you do Source roleplays but anythign else is fine. 


1. Don't abuse your powers.

2. Try to do your job but if you don't feel you can do it, just tell me. It's safer than getting yourself banned