Canon Whooves
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Some attributes
Name Time Turner
Owner @TickTockGoesTheClock
Type Earth Pony
Gender Male
Age Around 20-29 years old
Cutiemark An Hourglass

Time Turner is an earth pony who lives in Ponyville, fixing clocks, as well as making them.

Appearance Edit

Time Turner has the body of a normal, everyday earth pony stallion, despite being frail and weak when he was born. His mane and tail are some sort of coco brown, or a dark brown. His coat is a light brown, or tan. His eyes are sky blue, and his cutie mark is an hourglass. He usually wears a tie or a bowtie, (colors varying) and a pair of glasses.

Occupation Edit

Time Turner doesn't really have a job, being more of a freelancer. He has been seen to work with Mayor Mare, fixing the clocks around Ponyville, as well as the clock tower. When not being sent out into the town, he stays at home, fixing clocks, and sometimes making keys for the ponies that come inside his home.

Personality Edit

Not being near many ponies when he was little, Turner shies away from socializing with others, looking serious, and quiet most of the time. Doing this makes it so he rarely goes outside, making friendship and romance (even more so) out of the question.

Background Edit

"Nopony, or body for that matter, has asked where I was born, or where I grew up, or anything like that. Why ask me now?"

-Time Turner Edit

Any information about Time Turner's history is unknown, exempting the fact that he fixes and makes clocks. In fact, the creation of his nickname was a joke, being it that the person who made his personality, etc. was going to make a Doctor Who-related comic about Time Turner complaining about being mistaken for some 'Doctor'. Thus the nickname Canon Whooves was born, making an inside joke for the creator.