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Zoe Kagura isn't a pony from Equestria. She comes from a faraway land called Antilia, which doesn't even appear on the Equestrian map. Born on October 31st, she's had trouble with several ponies before during Nightmare Night, where her appearance is everyday life is not much different from her ' costume ' . 26 years of age, she's cold-hearted and silent, but after her different social interactions with the ponies of Equestria, her icy heart is finally thawing. 



Before arriving in Equestria, she was a proffesional assassin in Antilia, where she was wanted for murdering several dozen ponies. Running away to Equestria for a chance at a second life, some of her old habits haven't died down yet. She had a strong relationship with Thunder Flash, whom she grew up with. After Thunder Flash left Antilia for Equestria, she was left with the words that he uttered : " A place to live without fear. " Five years after his departure, she resolves to go after him, and also in order to discover this particular haven.


Her first arrival in Equestria was met rather . . . interestingly. Many of the ponies stare at her in wonder, because of her lack of her cutie mark. However, she met several ponies called Nova Eclipse, Blitz Wing, and Frosty Flames. However, she continues her hobby of free-roaming the whole of Equestria, unwilling to be tied down by society. However, she seems to develop a strange attraction to Nova Eclipse. More specifically, to his strange character. After Nova agreed to let Zoe stay with him, both of them have been living together for a while.

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